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Terms & Conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions before commissioning us.

Commission prices

We offer a large selection of different art types to suit as many demands as we can: single drawings, sequences, comics, headshots and reference sheet.
For more information on all these art types, click on the READ button.

All our prices are up-to-date on the 01/05/2022

Base prices

In this table are listed all the base prices for our arts. Please read carefully the details to know what is included in the price or not.

TierSingle DrawingSequence (a)Comic (b)Headshot
Flat colours27€30€20€16€
Cel shading35€38€24€21€
Full shading45€47€28€27€

(a) Price per image, 3 images minimum per sequence, no upper limit. The price includes 2 characters.
(b) Price per panel, each page can be 4 to 7 panels. The price includes 2 characters.

Reference sheets

We are able to produce complete reference sheets for your Original Characters (OCs). The composition of the reference sheet is up to customer, who can select the number of full body views and headshots they want.
Please note that only the flat colour tiers is available for reference sheets.

  • Full body view: 28€ for the first view, 14€ per additional full view.

  • Flat colors : 17€ for the first view, 8.50€ per additional headshot.

The prices the text and a coloured background. The background will be in our style (see example). Customers are free to pick the colours and shapes.
For complex/detailed background, a fixed charged fee of 75% of all the full view combined will be charged, due to the complexity of working on detailed background with ref sheets.

Additional fees

  • Extra Character: 75% of the base price per character and per appearence (e.g. per panel).

  • Complex character: up to 100% of the base price.

  • Character without a design (except for ref sheets): up to 75%.

  • Bulges in a big belly (no internal): 25% per character inside the belly.

  • Internal view of a character: Same as Extra character + Detailed background (depending on the content of the internal view)

  • Simple colour or gradient background: Free.

  • Objects or detailed background: 10 to 75% of the base price.

  • Private picture: percentage depending on the idea

  • Alternative version: percentage depending on the nature of the alternate version.

Please read our Terms and Conditions before commissioning us.

Do & Do not

You can find here the list of all the things we are able and / or willing to draw.
Please keep in mind that (1) this list is only to guide you, and we strongly recommend to discuss your idea with us to make sure we can draw it, and (2) we will not draw any of the Do's in any setting that is illegal in regards of both international and local laws.


  • Human, Furry, Feral, MLP characters

  • Vore

  • Diapers

  • Scat, vore related or not

  • Gore, vore related or not

  • Omorashi

  • Watersports

  • Cub (SFW)


  • Imitating someone else's artstyle. for instance it is allowed if it is required to recognize the characters (e.g. Sonic)


  • Hyper, either breast, genitals or rump. The proportional shall remain biologically possible.

  • Foot play, including stuffing in shoes.

  • Characters designed by Akira Toriyama (e.g. Dragon Ball, Chrono Trigger)

These list are not exhaustive. If you are looking for something you cannot find here, please contact us.


Art gallery

You want to discover more of our art? Then the following links are here for you!

COMMission progress

You can track our progress on our commission - including yours - at anytime by going on our Trello page.

social media

You want to contact us directly or follow us? Everything is just here for you!

You can also join our Discord server, where we share our art and discuss with our followers. To join the server, use any of the following link to contact us and request access:

Terms & Conditions

In order to commission us, you must accept to comply with the following Terms and Conditions throughout the whole commission process.
Failure to comply might result in (1) commission being dropped without guarantee of refund, and (2) a temporary or permanent ban from commissioning us in the future.

1/ General

  1. Commissions can only be taken if the customer approves the following set of rules. It is the responsibility of the customer(s) to read all these rules before commissioning, and all rules will be considered as read and accepted as soon as the price of the commission has been agreed by both the customer(s) and the artists.

  2. The customer(s) must be at least 18 years old. No sale can be made with minors.

  3. Unless the artists specifically agree to it, the artists will only sell digital art to the customer(s). No other format can be expected.

  4. The customer(s) have to provide as many details as possible; e.g. description or reference (partial or total) of the characters, objects or background, panel-by-panel plot. Failure to provide sufficient material can result in additionnal fees.

  5. The customer(s) are encouraged to discuss with the artists any missing or uncertain information to prevent the additionnal fees.

  6. The artists have the right to refuse any commission, whether because of its content, including the characters, own availability or because of the customer(s)' attitude.

  7. The artists’ Original Characters (OCs) are available as possible characters for commissions, as long as the point 1e. is respected.

  8. The artists will provide work-in-progress preview of the commission throughout the production to ensure that the commission meet the demand of the customer(s).

  9. The customer(s) are able to request minor changes during the production of the art in order to ensure that the commission meet their demand, as long as the content is accepted by the artist under the condition(s) given in point 1e. However, excessive repetitive minor changes or significant major changes may be charged with extra fees to compensate for the excessive cost in time spent on the art.

  10. Cancellation of the commission due to a change or its consequences is discussed and covered in points 4d to 4f.

  11. If the customer(s) refuse to make the full payment under the conditions given in part 4 or breach any of the other rules listed here, a permanent ban will be applied for the customer(s). Following trade agreements with other artists, the behaviour of the customer(s) can be communicated to the artists' collaborators.

  12. Commission slots are given on a ‘first arrived, first served’ basis. The first customer to have his idea approved and to accept the terms listed might be served first.

  13. Following point 1l, a customer replying too slowly for the work-in-progress checkpoints might be served after a customer replying faster.

  14. Following point 1d and 1i, modifications occurring because of a lack of reference or a difference between a reference and what is desired but not explained properly can be charged up to the full price of the elements that are required to be edited.

2/ Schedule, Communication and Behaviour

  1. Any specific schedule or deadline can be accepted upon special request (e.g. birthday present) and only under strict approval from the artists. Any deadline should be strictly notified before the commission is started.

  2. The artists can only try to complete the commission as soon as possible but cannot promise nor assure it will be done in any given time, even if a deadline has been agreed upon. Any specific deadline is just an estimation and the customer(s) cannot request any discount for being late.

  3. Communication between the artists and the customer(s) is expected to follow the usual standard etiquette of civilised communication. Politeness has to be observed by both the customer(s) and the artists.

  4. In case of excessive rudeness, the artists has the right to stop any work being done for the customer(s) at the moment of the offense.

  5. Any change or modification of the commission in its content and/or schedule has to be immediately notified to the artists. Refer to 4d to 4f for complete cancellation of the commission.

  6. Point 2d does not affect in any way the conditions under which the customer(s) are supposed to pay for the commission, as described in part 4.

3/ Intellectual Property

  1. The artists shall not claim intellectual property on any character which is not listed as one of their Original Characters (OCs).

  2. The customer(s) shall not claim intellectual property on any OC from the artists, or on any character which is not part of the customer(s)’ OCs.

  3. The customer(s) shall not claim the art as their own art, nor dispossess the artists from their work by claiming they were not the creators of it.

  4. It is tolerated by the artist(s) that the customer(s) can modify the art they have commissioned for their own use. However, the artist(s) do not allow for any modified art to be published and/or shared publicly.

  5. The exception to the modifications made by the customer(s) allowed in point 3d is the modification of the art to be used as a base or your-character-here (YCH) model. Both applications are strictly forbidden by the artist(s), even for non-commercial uses.

  6. As a consequence of point 3c, and despite point 3d, it is strictly forbidden to modify and/or remove the signature of the artist(s) or any element that can connect the art to them.

  7. Regardless of the modifications allowed through points 3d to 3f planned by the customer(s), it is strictly forbidden to commission another artist to do the modification of the commission. Only modifications made by the customer(s) themselves are tolerated.

  8. In general, purchasing an art from the artists does not grant any additional right on the intellectual property toward the artists nor the customer(s) which was not established prior to the commission.

  9. Any commercial use of the commission(s) made by the artist(s) shall strictly be discussed before any of the work is started. Strict limitations of usage and eventual additional fees are to be discussed between the artist(s) and the customer(s).

  10. In addition to points 4d to 4i, any use of the commission shall be strictly made in accordance with all the local and international rules and laws.

4/ Payment and Cancellation

  1. All payment have to be made before the artists start to work on the commission.

  2. Full payment has to be provided in one time. Partial payment can only be requested when the commission is made of several pages, in which case the artists will be working on one page at the time.

  3. The drawing will not be started until payment is provided.

  4. Full cancellation is only permitted before the work-in-progress sketch has been submitted, or if the work-in-progress sketch has been totally refused and if the customer(s) do not wish to proceed further.

  5. Once the work-in-progress sketch has been approved, the customer(s) are only allowed to cancel any upcoming change on the drawing (e.g. inking, shading, coloring). All the previous work, including the work-in-progress sketch, will be charged and should be paid by the customer(s).

  6. In case of cancellation, the customer(s) have to notify the artists immediately. Late notification cannot prevent further modification from being charged to the customer(s).

  7. Following point 1c, non-charged cancellation cannot be claimed if the dislikes come from the artists being forced to guess details not provided by the customer(s).

  8. No discount can be claimed by the customer(s) if it has not been advertised by the artists beforehand. Strict conditions as given within the discount will be observed.

  9. Advertisement and/or exposure is already taken into account on the displayed and given prices. No additional discount for exposure will be granted.

  10. As a consequence of point 4j, keeping the drawing private and/or secret will increase the price of the art by a fee to compensate for the lack of exposure. The amount of the fee will be calculated by the artists, based on the complexity and expected exposure the art would have gained if it would have been made public.

  11. The customer(s) have to notify that they want the art to remain private before the commission is accepted. Late notification will only be tolerated before the payment is made. After that, the fees will increase to compensate for the late notification.

  12. In case of a late notification, if the customer(s) do not accept to pay for the privacy fees, the artists keep the right to publish it in his galleries.

  13. Payment via Paypal invoices only. The customer(s) are required to provide an email address at which the invoice will be send to.

Current version: 30/04/2022

available types of art

Single drawings

Single drawings are illustration of a single scene. Available with or without background, each single drawing only include 1 character in its base price. It is of course possible to order multiple single drawings to illustrate the same story with multiple characters in them.

Comic pages

Comics are made of serveral panels put together to tell a story, over 1 or multiple pages. Each page can contain from 4 to 7 panels. The price does only depend on the number of panels, not of page.


Sequences are in between single drawings and comics: they are a series 3+ individual drawings on the same page, without any panel/border between them.
Since there are no space constrain, all characters can be made full body.

Single drawings, sequence or comic?

Having trouble deciding if you need a sequence, multiple single drawings or a comic for your idea?
The comparitive table below will help you.

FeatureSingle drawingComicSequence
Character(s) included?122
All views full body?YesNo (a)Yes
Simple background? (b)YesYesYes
Complex background?YesYesNo
Multiple pagesYesYesNo
Minimum per page?143
Maximum per page?17None
Commission queue?SingleComicSingle

(a) Due to space constrain, we cannot ensure that all views in a comic can be full body as the content has to adapt to the dynamic of the story.
(b) A simple background refers to either a plain or gradient color.


We are also introducing headshots, with or without background, typically used for profile pictures.

Reference sheet

We have been doing a couple of them already, but it is time we give our prices for reference sheet.

The prices are for flat colours only, as we do not see the need to make any other form of tier for reference sheets.
The prices include the text and a coloured background, gradient or not. The background will be in our style (see example above). Of course, you can chose the colours and shapes you want.
We can do detailed background, but they will be charged a fix fee of 75% of all the full view combined, as they are complex to work with for reference sheets.
For other details, incl. symbols and other body parts, please ask as it requires a custom pricing

Art streaming

We organise weakly streaming sessions where we (Shoe & Lace) both stream ourselves doing arts. All our streams take place on Saturday, usually after 6 PM (GMT+1).You can find two types of streams: the Commission streams, where we work on sketches commissioned and paid during the streams; and Personal streams where we just draw what we feel like drawing on the spot.

Incoming streams


Commission streams

All our commissions stream are taking place on Picarto, on the channel ShoeLaceArt (link given below).During commissions streams, we open slots that people can buy in exchange of one sketch done live. All the slots are on a Pay what you want, with some minimum fees depending on the content of the idea.

Number of charactersMinimum price
15 EUR
28 EUR
3*10 EUR

*Above 2 characters, just add +2 EUR to the minimum price for each additional character.

How to take a slot?

All our slots are on a first come, first served basis, and will remain open during the stream as long as we feel well enough to keep on drawing. To book a slot, follow the instructions below.

  1. Whisper either (i) Yecallennahc on Picarto (prefered), (ii) Lacey on Discord (if available) or (iii) ShoeLaceArt on Picarto to check for availability.

  2. Discuss the idea and await for approval.

  3. Be ready to pay when it's your turn.

  4. Use the Ko-Fi link in the Button on right or in the Picarto channel to access our payment platform.

Rules and conditions

In order to obtain a slot, thus a commission during a live stream, you must follow and strictly obey the rules listed below.

  1. We only accept commissions and do not accept (free) requests

  2. We do NOT book any slot prior to the stream for anyone.

  3. Everyone is free to tip us anytime to show support. However, do NOT tip us to force us to take your commission. We will only take commission if the payment is done AFTER approval, and will not refund otherwise.

  4. We keep the right to refuse any commission that we do not want to do without justification.

  5. Sensitive content can be requested, but accepted content will automatically be kept for the end of the stream.

Important links

You can access our commission streams using the links on the right.

Personal streams

In addition to the commission streams, we will be streaming every Saturday our own content creation. The content of these can be completely random, but allow us to spend more time to discuss with our community.These streams are only available for the users of our Discord server. Have a read at our Contact Us section to see how to join the server.